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Friday, March 31, 2006

Big Shark

That's a big shark. It looks really big. I'm glad I wasn't there. Because it has big eyes, a big mouth, and a big appetite.

While I was looking for pictures to show you guys, I found this picture of a blue shark, and people in a cage by it. So it's dangerous.



Blogger The 6 Karns' said...

Hunter, this is a great picture of a blue shark. I'm glad you and the kids want to share your information with others.

7:06 PM

Blogger The 6 Karns' said...

"Dah dun - Dah dun - Dah dun - Dah dun - Dah dun"

Man, hate to be in the ocean right now. You can imagine how sharp those teeth are.

You've found quite a picture there!


8:17 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Hunter, that is an awesome picture! When I went to the Gulf of Mexico, I was only a few feet from the shore and I was still scared a shark might get me.

8:51 PM

Blogger Libby said...

You need to go check out the picture on Donny Prater's blog (A Man Coming Alive). There is a link to it on my blog.

9:12 PM

Blogger Darrell said...

That's a cool picture Hunter!

3:43 AM

Blogger Amy said...

awesome picture!!!!

8:59 AM


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